Dealing with Unwanted Attention

Be it catcalling, stares or just straightforward verbal/physical abuse – we need to be the bigger person and learn to manage it. I’m not specifying this to be any gender but just generally speaking we are bound to face such situations. I know – its horrible.

We can either get involved in it, avoid it or face it. I usually take the avoiding route because its all too much energy for me to invest in them. They are completely not worth it. But of course, if its not some sort of a small incident and it deserves your attention whether its for yourself or you’re witnessing it, you should and must step up. We do only have each other on this place called home.

Sometimes I think about why these people do the things they do, I read and watch things about it and they all seem to suggest that its because they are not fulfilled in their lives. That brings me to the next thinking point – how can the rest of us help? I have a lot of passion and I don’t want to say I don’t have enough time because we can make time. I do little things to spread awareness and knowledge of things that I know through small means. I want to do more and I will.

Whenever I experience such moments, I do not fuel them with attention. I think about karma and move on with my life – I’m not trying to be sadistic/mean but its all about being thoughtful about our own actions and words. We have better things to do with our time.

What do you do?

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