Newcastle River Escapes

Been here for three years and this only came to my attention very recently. And this was a perfect one to bring my mum on it as a nice little birthday gift! She likes experiences and memories more than items – love this. River Escape was truly beautiful and calming.

Newcastle River Escapes 2We went for the Quay-Sea with live commentary and it lasted for three hours in total. We decided to go to the upper deck for an open view and fresh air. It was a sunny day. We got to go through the Gateshead Millennium Bridge – it went up for the cruise to go through – just for a feel. It was magnificent and such a pretty sight. We got to know more about Newcastle history, backgrounds, significant moments. We went by lovely countryside, ports, shipyards, beaches – did not get to see dolphins and seals though. That’s because Newcastle decided it was the perfect time to pour down on us. Everyone rushed to the lower deck to seek shelter.

Newcastle River Escapes 3The food and drinks on deck was delicious as well. Greatly recommend the hot chocolate w/ all the toppings and the chicken tikka sandwich. Latte was good too! Bring sweets with you if you think you might get sick on board or something. You are not allowed to bring your own food.

The sea breeze and the calming surroundings made it all worthwhile – even though it rained for the 1.5 hour journey back. We at least got to bask in the sunshine while we could and enjoyed snapping away way too many photographs. We really appreciated the fact that we got a table for ourselves instead of sitting row by row (that’s what we thought initially). Everyone got to share the moments with their loved ones.

Have you been on this or their other rides?

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