NE1 Takeaway Guide

I need to impart this knowledge to other students of Newcastle while I leave this beautiful city. The above image was taken at Tynemouth Market and that £1 croissant was amazing – soft and delicious. But I’m here to talk about takeaways – students’ best mate when you don’t want to leave your room, cook up anything, see people, or slogging away your time working on that assignment. I basically rely on just-eat site to order my food but now there’s deliveroo, hungryhouse etc. It depends on your postcode and what places deliver to yours. This list is based on mine and I’m very close to the city centre.

  1. Planet Pizza: Chicken Tikka Pizza, Cheese Garlic Bread
  2. The Bake: Shawarma Lamb Wrap, The Bake Mixed Shawarma
  3. Dadyal: Garlic Naan, Muttar Paneer, Chicken Tikka Balti
  4. Chicken Cottage: Lamb/Chicken Burgers, Grilled Chicken
  5. Eat4Less (no delivery): Spicy American Chicken & Cheese Panini/ Jacket Potato
  6. Town Fry (no delivery): Quarter/Half Pounder Meal

Please leave behind your recommendations as well! 

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