The Hype: Cookbooks

So I wasn’t the biggest fan of cookbooks. You can find recipes online easily for free plus its so much easier to just load up the recipe on your phone and follow the instructions in the kitchen. However I think I’m falling for cookbooks now… There’s a definite buzz around it now.

So much so that I went crazy and got three books at one go – of differing kinds. The reason I decided to go for them was because I’m getting much into meal planning. This is easier for me with cookbooks when I just take note of the pages. I feel all Domestic Goddess when I’m cooking in the kitchen with the book. I do try my best not to dirty it though. And I do throw in some of my favourite recipes that I found online too. The colourful pages of the food, the cooks and just the tangible nature of the book like the smell and weight of it is pretty amazing.

There are so many cookbooks out there that you will definitely find one that will suit your diet and needs. I was quite overwhelmed by it and I wasn’t sure where to go or what to buy. Here are some of my tips on how you can go about getting your first cookbook:

  • Read/Hear the Reviews – Especially from regular people and not just from some famous people or how a magazine rated it. Go have a look at Amazon or search on YouTube and read the comments there. You can learn about their experiences or how they might have adjusted a certain recipe etc. Check out the bookstores site and see what are trending for cooking too.
  • Have a look at the Contents Page – As you should already know what kinda diet you want to start/follow/etc, you see all the books under that section. And after reading the reviews, you have narrowed down your selection. Now go through the contents page and see if most of the recipes in there are something that you will likely cook. You will bound to come across a few that you will never do it yourself – maybe pass that recipe on to someone who would. It might be difficult to find one book with everything that you love, so you got to negotiate there.
  • Flip through First – Some cooks use crazy ingredients and sometimes they might only use it for that one recipe. Its mental. Flipping through the books will give you a rough idea of the ingredients and methods they use. See if you can substitute some of their kitchen tools with what you already have.

Do you enjoy cookbooks? Any recommendations?


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