Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

I’m not going to lie – Colourpop was one of the many reasons I was excited to come to LA this time round. I could finally get my hands on it and I just wanted every liquid lipstick that they have – except for their novelty colours.

I had been searching for the perfect nude for myself. Its really difficult to find one when your skin tone doesn’t match with what’s advertised etc. Also I really wanted one that would flush my lips or get camouflaged with my face itself. I’m a little strange. I thought I’d like it. So I controlled myself and I only got three with Colourpop. I had a bad experience with NYX ones. The applicator wasn’t working for me, it was patchy and the smell that everyone love – I really, really didn’t.


I went for Bad Habit, Beeper & Tulle (left to right). Firstly it doesn’t have any smell to it and it has a nice long handle for you to apply the product with ease. These colours don’t go on patchy or strange. They are really nicely pigmented and so they are transferable. Plus they go really matte as the name suggests! Love it! Tulle & Beeper look exactly the same in the bottle and I was scared that I got two of the same things. But they are slightly different. I thought Tulle would be the one that I would completely adore. It turned out to be Beeper. I do really like that it sort of flushes me out. They do transfer but that’s fine. They do fade away when you eat and drink. But they don’t fade weird.

I have only worn Beeper for long. This does leave a strange white line on the inside of your lips after a long period of time. This sucks but the pros definitely outweighs that. Plus its so ridiculously cheap and easy to get hold of – I mean depending on where you are. I got my items within 2 days? Now, of course, they ship internationally! I’ll definitely suggest you exfoliating before application if not they might settle into your dry bits of your lips. I just feel like they are a fun company. You should have a look at their FAQs – they are funny. I also appreciate that they swatch the colours on three varying skins. You can totally look for more on YouTube or Google images too.

I’m definitely going to be getting more colours from them. Wonderful!

Have you tried anything from Colourpop?


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