Bangs: Yes? No?

I go through phases of whether I want bangs as my fringe or not. I’ve had it a few times before. Some of my friends like it and some detest it. But its really up to me at the end of it. I feel like my hair is something that I can really do fun things with in terms of length and style. It changes my looks too. I get a different hairstyle each year I go back to school/work/uni. This time I decided to get bangs for my graduation ceremony and I was growing out my pixie haircut. I also feel like I have a big forehead.

I went to some random hair salon and got my bangs done. You could do this yourself but its easier to maintain it after getting it done by someone else. It was strange at first but it did change the way I looked. I liked it. I went for the thick kinda bangs up to just a little above my eyebrows. Because I wanted it to grow to the right bit when I go back to Newcastle. It did. Yes, I put way too much thought into this. Terrible.

Bangs are super easy and cheap to maintain. You can totally trim it yourself using some regular scissors – I did. I’d suggest you holding your fringe between two fingers with one hand and cutting what’s underneath it. This ensures you don’t go too short as you can’t really tell unless you’re a hairdresser yourself. Go slow and steady. I did centre parting with my bangs for a bit – I think it worked but I got tired of it. Bangs are cute, makes you look younger and they can easily frame your face. You could just let down your hair and the bangs make it look pretty good!

The cons are that hair is always on your face and sometimes when you comb your hair, the longer bits get in there and annoys you. Its sorta difficult to part the rest of your hair or do certain hairstyles. But of course you can just go for it, I do. When you decide to grow out your bangs, the bits get strange and you can’t really tuck it behind your ears or pin it up. It hinders your vision. You have to slowly and constantly part your hair to make it stay as it grows out. As my hair is getting longer, bangs is starting to look strange on me. I have to quickly comb my bangs out after I wash my hair otherwise it gets weird parting.

I definitely had loads of fun with my bangs for the past few months. I’ll totally tell you to go for it because hair is going to grow out eventually. But I understand if you’re scared about it as I know some of my friends will never do it.

What do you think about bangs?


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