Softlips Cube Fresh Mint Lip Protectant Review

I believe I have said a few times that I really enjoy trying new products – especially lip balms. My lips get dry, chapped and annoying quite a bit. So I’m always on the lookout for good lip products. I’m still very much loving my Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm and I’m so close to finishing it!

I got Softlips from CVS in the States. I have not tried the EOS ones and this looked similar to the shape and size. I was starting to hear not great reviews on them and so I decided to give Softlips a chance. It was way cheaper and it seemed a lot more sensible with the way its structured for me to hold it.

I decided to go for the Fresh Mint one and it has a SPF15 too. I was worried that the smell or the taste might sting or irritate me. It’s wonderful. The taste is just minty and the smell isn’t offensive to your senses. It does leave a super shine on your lips whereas I do enjoy a good matte. Its easy to whack on and go on about your life. You can’t really apply it well around your lips because of the roundness of it as well. The cover is a little bit of a pain. You can’t just snap it shut but you have to put it on carefully to not damage your lip balm itself. It definitely does some job on my lips with keeping it moisturised and hydrated. This is an excellent one to put on after liquid lipsticks to just calm down your lips from all that scrubbing.

There are plenty of flavours if you don’t fancy a mint one. They’ve got it in the standard tube but I think those are tinted. I’m enjoying mine.

Have you tried Softlips?


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