5 Autumn/Fall Essentials

Its probably because I’m from Singapore but I’m not a big fan of summer. Spring – I can handle. I really enjoy Autumn/Winter. You get to be all cosy, bundled up and just enjoy the weather. I had a lot of fun in Newcastle during those seasons (although it rained a lot)!

  1. Jacket – I like a good bomber jacket. This is actually my very first one from New Look and it works so well. It keeps me warm enough but not too much. I wasn’t a big fan of the faux fur around the hood but it has grown on me. I love the colour contrast from the inside to the out and the functional pockets. The material is so soft and comfy too.
  2. Knitwear – I wear both thick and thin knitwear whenever. This would work without a jacket so its perfect when you want to be light and easy. This Esprit one is perfect. The stripes and the colours are lovely. They didn’t actually have it in my size but I sized up and its super roomy and great anyways. The back has a run of buttons but not functional yet it adds a nice touch to a basic top.
  3. Beanie – It took me so long to find a good one and that looked good for my eyes. This one from Free People is perfect! I love the colours and the fact that it doesn’t fit right on my head but hangs loose on the bobble-bit. Beanies gonna keep your ears warm and snug.
  4. Leggings – These are great to wear the pieces that you wore in spring or even summer. Pair them with skirts and dresses. I’m not for one to wear them as pants but you could. This pair is from Primark with 300 denier, microfibre with fleecy lining! They won’t last for long especially after a few washes but they are super affordable and they definitely keep you warm!
  5. Red Lipstick – Yup, its true. A good red lipstick is indeed lovely for this season. I do wear whatever I feel like wearing but this would be a good essential for you in the makeup department. This Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Collection Lipstick in 107 is a famous one. It works well with my skin tone with a bluey-undertone. Its matte and lasts pretty long. It has a very old-school lipstick smell to it if you know what I mean.

Of course I do not wear all of this together but throwing in these things into your outfits is pretty nice.

What are your autumn/fall essential?


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