Autumn/Fall Affordable Lookbook


Simple thick jumper paired with cropped pants and converse to give a causal vibe.
That denim shirt was from an online store with the crop pants and a slip-on to keep it stylish.
A thin jumper under dungarees and a slip-on for a laid-back look.
An oversized jumper dress with leggings and converse for a cosy day.
A simple printed blouse (that I got from some online store) with simple jeans and shoes for the warmer autumn days.

Most of the items are affordable and you can definitely find similar styles to the ones that you don’t think are affordable. As you might have noticed, I usually mostly just accessorise with basic items like a watch, necklace, bracelet, lipstick. I try parting my hair differently. I added a statement necklace for the denim shirt ensemble just to add something to it. I throw on a nice jacket and sometimes a scarf to just keep me warmer. I get chilly quickly easily. Its also easy to mix-and-match these items to keep up the fresh looks for each day.

What do you think about my outfits?


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