Easy, Wavey Hair Routine

I’m super lazy when it comes to curling my hair and stuff. But I’ve got a curling iron and a straightener. My arms start to ache halfway through and the curls go all wrong and I hurt myself while curling. Its all a big ordeal to me. But I do want to curl my hair at times. Hence I’ve condensed my routine to the bare minimum. My hair is naturally straight. I like to do this only a day or two after I wash my hair. Washing long hair is no fun and I want to enjoy the cleanliness of it for a bit. This is also another reason why I don’t do much to my hair because I’d need to wash it earlier than later.


  1. Brush out hair: This makes sure to get rid of any knots. I don’t comb each sections of my hair after that. Tangle Teezer has been with me for about 4 years now and its still going strong.
  2. Heat protection: My hair is not at the best of its state. So its important to try and salvage what I have. The Toni&Guy mist is not my favourite. It sprays out quite nicely but the chemical-smell from it is quite painful. I don’t really think it helps that much either. I brush out my hair again after spraying this to spread the product and wait a few minutes to let it dry.
  3. Curl hair: Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler (25mm) is my choice. The price on Amazon has significantly dropped too. It has different settings from 1 to 3 depending on what kind of curls you want. The end of the wand turns while you’re curling, so your wire doesn’t get stuck or whatsoever. It comes with a handy heat proof mat/cover. I wish it came with gloves too. I usually leave out a small end of my hair keeping it straight. I don’t really count how many seconds I’m curling – 10 secs should do the trick. It doesn’t show the temperature though but it heats up rather quickly. It also has a clamp that I don’t use.
  4. Hair spray: While I gently comb out my hair using my fingers at the end, I don’t do it a lot. My hair doesn’t hold curls for very long anyways.The curls just loosen itself very quickly and all my hardwork becomes nothing. I’m trying out this Aveda Control Force spray and its pretty good. I adore Aveda products. It smells very fresh. Done!







Have you got any products to recommend?



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