A (Good) Evening Routine

A couple of months back, I wrote about how to be a morning person and I thought it is about time I wrote about an evening routine. I’m not sure if the title would have worked if I said ‘How to Become An Evening Person’ because aren’t we all? Sleep! Instead we’ve got just how to achieve a good evening routine. There’s the having dinner, brushing teeth etc which are a given. Plus this depends a lot on what you do through the day – full-time job, student, blogger, artist etc. Feel free to tweak it however you like.

  1. Read, anything: It lets you temporarily escape from your day. You get to rest your eyes and all the tapping on your phone. Its nice to just lean back and read a book, magazine. Flipping of pages is satisfying.
  2. Have a treat: This could be in the form of your favourite food, watching an episode of a show (or more) or just watching videos of cats (or dogs). You’ve had a long day and you deserve a break.
  3. Get comfy: Get out of your day clothes and slip into something cosy. Wear your fluffy socks and slide around your house.
  4. Be silly: You probably had a serious day with laughs and smiles and jokes. But did you get to be silly? Evenings are the chance. Sing, dance around, play games and just enjoy yourself. It can be with your partner, housemates or even just for yourself.
  5. Reflect: Think about your day and the evening as it comes to a close. Be thankful, grateful and see if you could have done things differently or want to forge a habit of something.

What’s part of your evening routine?

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