TV Shows You Must Watch

While everyone is telling you the gifts to get for the upcoming holidays (I’ll probably get on that bandwagon soon), let’s get you ready with shows to watch. Let it be whether you’re having a night-in by yourself or having a marathon with your loved ones. I have written other posts here and here that you might fancy as well. This is for the next wave of shows that you really should be watching already.

  1. Quantico: Yup, I’m still on the law & crime ride and I really enjoy it. It took me a long time to check this show out. Its nice to see a Bollywood mega-actress, Priyanka Chopra, playing the lead as a FBI trainee/agent  in the show. You don’t know who to trust but you keep loving each character a little bit more and more. The suspense gets better with each episode.
  2. Great British Bake Off: The latest season is already over but I’ve yet to catch up on the last few episodes, please no spoilers! I love baking more than cooking. I recently baked an awesome cheesecake – check out my Twitter. Lovely British show with British banter with awesome food that makes you want to eat your body weight. Of course, you learn some techniques and recipes too.
  3. Skin Wars: I was quite skeptical about this because I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Well, its amazing body painting artists having a good competition! I just finished Season 1 but I’ve yet to start on the next. The artistry is amazing, the details, the stories and the colours are all just wonderful. They will always surprise you pleasantly. There’s also drama because competition.

I see that two of my three shows are actually competitions but its good as a TV show. There’s the hero, ‘villain’, climax, twists and turns plus all the other jazz. All three are lovely shows and you will enjoy them!

Have you watched any of the above? Any other recommendations?

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