Desk Essentials

I don’t have a proper desk to myself at the moment, so I’m making do with what I have. But I always have certain essentials that have to be within my reach to just make things easier and my mind decluttered. I do spend a lot of time there. It helps to set the mood for that area and your personal vibe. This is like a ‘what’s in my bag?’ but just the desk version of it.

  1. A mason water jug: If this isn’t in front of me, I’m not going to drink enough water for the day. I’ve been pretty good at drinking 2l per day but the number of times I visit the washroom is so tiring! I used to just use the Nalgene water bottles but this with the straw is amazing! I can avoid lemon slices falling on my face.
  2. Handy bag: See the Neal’s Yard Remedies bag in the image? I keep the next 4 items in there to keep my desk clean and tidy. The Neal’s Yard products are all in another bag. Sometimes I keep loose notes in there too – a pleasant surprise each time I find some cash there.
  3. Topical medication: I think I’m really weak. I get strains and sprains and aches very often. So I keep the medicated oil with me. I have a tiny one in my makeup bag and one on my bedside table. I recently started using the heat rub cream, its pretty good after a couple of uses. Its actually non-greasy and seeps in quick. The heat goes away quite quick too though.
  4. Refreshing Tissues: A nice face wipe and I feel refreshed, it smells wonderful and that helps. When you don’t really want to burn a candle but want something fragrant but not too strong, this is it.
  5. Nail clipper: I get quite a bit of hangnails (lacking in some nutrition) – the skin bits around your cuticles. It drives me insane and I’m too scared to just yank it out. Nail clipper helps me with that and honestly this is the best one I’ve found. We got it from some random shop in Singapore. No squeaks, clean cut – lovely.
  6. Lip balm: My lips need this so much! I’m currently using this and its been good.
  7. External hard drive: I think this is pretty self-explanatory. I’m also the kind to keep it in a bulky protective case because I’ve broken and lost way too much data in hard drives.
  8. Stationery: No matter how digital and technological we go, we need the good ol’ paper and pen. Its a satisfying feeling. It helps me to remember things much better and it feels good to disconnect temporarily. I keep a good loaded pencil case with all sorts of pens, pencils, markers etc plus post-its pads, tabs and more. Love them!
  9. Notebooks/Planners: I love me some good notebooks and planners too. It makes me way more productive and organised with my time (and life). I love making lists. The brown small notebook is for me to write down ideas and the purple one is where I track my habits (trying out bullet journaling). I also keep the 365 Questions Journal near. Its really enjoyable to see what I wrote for the last two years for the same questions as I write for 2016.

What are your desk essentials?

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