Bath and Body Works Mini Christmas Haul

If you’ve been to a Bath & Body Works, you know that they go all out for their festivities and seasons. Its honestly fun to see all the decorations and seasonable products and whatnot. They always have good promotions and deals going on and you just won’t be able to resist buying one product. They know how to pull you in. One got featured in my latest favourites post too!

I recently went to one store not realising it was going to be Christmas bonanza in there. I spend way too much time every time I go in. I smell everything, I re-smell everything. Sometimes I get confused because I get all overwhelmed with the different fragrances but I always stay determined. I’m not sure if the products I picked up were for Christmas but the packaging of the hand soaps sure seem like it.

I got the Fresh Balsam (evergreen, cedar wood & eucalyptus) & Sparkling Mint Blossom (chilled mint blossom dipped in powdered sugar) Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps. I haven’t tried their exfoliating hand soaps but I’m really enjoying the gentle foam one. It lathers up quick and they actually don’t run out that quick as you’d think. I’m not a fan of food-scented products – they tend to make me nauseous. Bath & Body Works is pretty well-known for those kinda items and so it takes me longer to find something I like. These two were perfect. Don’t be put off by the ‘powdered sugar’ bit because it doesn’t smell like that. That’s why sometimes I smell just everything in there. But some I don’t if all the notes are just food-stuff. I want my hand soaps to be smelling clean, fresh and non-offensive. These fit those criteria.

I also picked up the Winter (white woods, pine needles, sparkling clementine, spiced clove) mini candle. Look at the notes! Those are wintery notes and just beautiful. Describing scents is not easy. Its a wonderful harmony of all those items coming together and just setting a good scene for the home.

Bath & Body Works is also giving free pre-made ribbons, regular ribbons, bags with your purchase (plus coupons) for you to place the products in if you’re going to gift them. You have to do this yourself but how handy is that! Simple gifting and you can peek into the gifts already!

What are you enjoying from their Christmas range?

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