Fitbit Charge 2 Review

I took so long on deciding whether to get a Fitbit or not that a new model got released. I got the Fitbit Charge 2 and with the standard black band.

This is not too chunky or too much on your wrist. So when you wear it all day and night, it doesn’t get too much on you. It took me a few days to get used to the functions and whatnot, I still am. You get to customise what kinda activity you want on your Fitbit – yoga, weights, run, walk etc. It’s touchscreen and it’s great that it gets activated when you turn your wrist towards you. Sometimes it doesn’t detect the movement but it’s not too bad. It inputs a lot of data automatically based on your age, gender, weight and height, plus also whether you’re right-handed and which wrist you’re going to wear it on. But of course, you can change that.


It’s water resistant – not waterproof. Don’t shower with it. You won’t be losing much data anyway. The only annoying bit is that tiny bits and bobs can get stuck between the watch and the wristband connector part. You can gently remove it using your nails – it’s scratch resistant too. I can see my calls and messages on it but I can’t connect my What’s App (which is what I mainly use) sadly (unlike Surge). Comes with a USB charger but the cable isn’t that long.

The battery is definitely long-lasting that I really appreciate. It takes about a good 4-5 days before I’m prompted to charge. I do it when I’m just at my desk not doing much. I don’t want to data. The heart rate is awesome! This is all tracked on the app when you sync it after buying your Fitbit.


You can add friends who have Fitbit and have a friendly competition. See who’s ahead in steps, badges. You can see more information by logging in on their website compared to the app. You can also sync with the Aria and keep track of your weight together with your fitness tracker.

Other than a mishap that I encountered on their website where I waited for a week after ordering online, I contacted them using their chat feature and had a terrible customer service. I was told that my address was not recognised by their system to deliver the items! Terrible system. I had to go and find out what was happening, instead of getting informed by them. I ended up buying from a store. Don’t mind me, I had wonderful experiences with them before but that was just not right. Took them a while to reply to my feedback but they did handle the situation well. It was still disappointing though.

I highly, highly recommend Fitbit and would advise you to get it in-stores!

Do you have a fitness tracker?

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