November Favourites 2016

I actually thought I was doing my December favourites – I’m that excited for 2017 to come by. November has been quite quiet for products usage and loving. I’m not very sure why other than I’ve been taking it quite easy. I was in LA half a month and in Singapore the other half. Let’s kickstart blogmas with some lovely favourites from the past month…

  1. Aerolite Luggage: For the amount of travelling I’ve done, I didn’t have any proper luggage of my own. I finally got gifted 4 Aerolite luggage when I graduated. These were hard-cases with 8 wheels and you can keep items on both sides of the luggage. The lock is TSA-approved. The luggage is a sturdy one. I got the small, medium and two large ones in that lovely metallic red and blue colours.
  2. Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne: This is actually my brother’s. It’s a little odd scent and I wasn’t a big fan of it in the beginning. I love Jo Malone and I adore their Lime Basil & Mandarin. But I recently started spritzing this on me here and it’s so uniquely wonderful. It stays on for long as usual. The earl grey with the soft cucumber fragrance mixture is so interesting.
  3. Asos T-shirt: This was a men’s tee. But I love this shade of pink and it fits very nicely on me – decent length. It’s a basic t-shirt. It is super comfy but you do have to give it a good iron. I really don’t enjoy ironing, so please excuse the state of the tee in that image. I am terrible. I want to get a steamer. Hah.
  4. Gap T-shirt: Gap is one of my favourite brands. I really like their tops, bottoms and dresses. I want to give their workout clothes a try – they are pretty affordable and look super nice and soft! I don’t usually wear v-neck tees and I was convinced to get this and I’m glad. It’s soft and has a nice curve on the bottom and the v-neck isn’t too low. These are lovely with black jeans.
  5. Dragonfruit: I love love love love dragonfruit! I especially love the red dragonfruit – they are sweeter and more fun on your teeth and tongue! These aren’t as readily available in Newcastle or LA. Ironically, they aren’t right now in Singapore either. I’m glad I got to enjoy them while they were in season! The tiny seeds of the fruit can get stuck in your teeth but it is all worth it!
  6. Fitbit Charge 2: My favourite new gadget! It motivates me to move and achieve greater fitness. I love this black colour and all the functionalities that they have to offer. It’s amazing!

What are your November favourites?

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