Hobonichi Techo Haul

I love planners. I love notebooks. You will see me expressing my love for all things stationery throughout my blog. I love discovering new things and trying them out. When I found out about Hobonichi when the year was ending, I was so excited. I think I may have actually watched every YouTube video on it and they all just got me more and more excited about it. But I do take a very long time to decide and place an order when it costs quite a bit. When I finally caved in, I waited to do so in Singapore because the shipping cost from Japan is cheaper here.


  • Hobonichi Techo Cousin (A5): I was for sure getting this. I love a good planner that’s a hefty size with loads of lovely, useful pages in there – yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and more. This is the biggest size that they have to over and all 12 months (plus Dec 2016 & first 3 of 2018) are in there. Different colours for each month. This is only available in Japanese. All their planners lay flat without breaking the spines.
  • Hobonichi Techo Planner (A6) – English: There’s a quote for each day for all the planners. While I won’t be able to understand anything in my A6, I will with my A5. It’s half of A6 and I got this to carry it with me. Only the Sunday pages are in red and the rest are in black. Very similar to A6 with a few spreads missing. I initially only wanted the A5 but A6 is a lot more practical to carry it around. I don’t use my phone calendar for much too. I like to write.
  • Gentle Borders Set (A6): I got this cover for my A6 and this comes with the Cover on Cover together. It’s a lovely combination of green and brown stripes with navy blue on the inside. Awesome pockets on the inside and the back where the cover on cover plastic gives easy access. It’s secure on the back too. The texture of the cover itself is grainy and has a nice grip to it.
  • Black x Pistachio (A5) & Cover on Cover (A5): I had to get these two separately. I decided to keep the one at home a lot sleeker and neat. So the outside is black and the inside is a bright (not neon) green. Similar pockets structure and compartments. This cover is quite ‘silky smooth’. They suggest you can slide photographs, postcards between the plastic cover and the actual cover to jazz up the front. Covers come with two page-markers – Hobonichi’s distinctive triangle and rectangle shaped.
  • Pencil Boards (A5 & A6): These are just boards that you can slot into your planners that help you to navigate to the page you want. It has a tiny tab on top that says ‘today’. It has a lovely army green on one end and brown on the other.
  • Complimentary Gifts: Each planner you order comes with an awesome pen (super good quality, I checked) plus a bread-toast-butter pan that you can use however you please. I thought it was going to be bigger but its pretty small.

You can find more information on their website itself. You can totally reuse the covers for later or for other books that are the same size. I reckon I’m going to get very good use out of my planners in 2017. They change up the colours of things for each year making things special for their consumers – which I appreciate. I got my items within 5 days as promised and all the products were super well wrapped and protected. Sadly both my cover on covers were a little dented and I’ve contacted them about it. I wouldn’t mind if it was tiny but its quite apparent and I want them all lovely! It was pretty easy to slip in the planners into the covers.

I’d totally recommend you checking out Hobonichi if you’re as planner/diary/journal-crazy as me. The journals themselves are pretty affordable, the covers are what makes them pricey.

What planner are you using for 2017?

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