Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

So I wrote up the whole post and WordPress decided to fail me.

It’s the 8th of December but you may still be searching for a good gift. I take a lot of pride, time and effort in finding the right, perfect one that my loved ones would really, really enjoy! I pay attention to what they talk about and take note of those things. Sometimes I just gift items but I keep the really special ones for the special days. So maybe you will find something different for your friends, partners, family, secret Santa…

  1. Novelty: If you’re thinking of getting something for your jokey people in your life, might be the right place for you! They have really strange and unusual things in all sorts of categories.
  2. Jumpers: People say don’t get clothes for people but what about the hilarious Christmas jumpers? Primark has the best ones and now I’m sad I don’t have access to it. My friends sometimes still wear them even when it’s not Christmas period.
  3. Home/Kitchen (Appliances): I love me a good stationery-anything but kitchen appliances get me super excited. Food processor, bath mats, coasters, plates, blender, garlic presser and all sorts. Even teenagers would appreciate good quality container sets.
  4. Treatments: This is something people tend not to get for themselves. They’d rather not spend that money for that. Gift them a spa, massage, manicure, pedicure, facial? They deserve that luxurious feel.
  5. Classes: Maybe they want to try something new in fitness or the kitchen but they haven’t gotten around to doing it. There’s yoga, baking, sewing, rock climbing, trampoline, music. They might find a new hobby or enhance something they are already good at!
  6. Staycation: I love exploring my own city, there’s always something new to discover. People do that anyways but never in a hotel. But there’s something about staying in a hotel that means holiday! You leave behind your work worries and such, and take it easy. You’ll get better views of your city too!
  7. Photojournal: I love photographs. I love snapping candid moments. Maybe you want to create a nice little scrapbook of all the lovely memories and moments you spent with that person. It could be just them, you and them or them with others. It’s nice to have tangible photographs to flip through and reminisce.
  8. Powerbanks: We will always appreciate a good powerbank for our smartphones. Phones keep getting more advanced and the batteries don’t seem to last as well. They may already have one but get a better one, more power, more stylish.
  9. Quotes Framed: If you know their favourite artist, song, poem, book, saying – get that framed. You can find some really beautiful ones on Etsy in lovely fonts that are just amazing. It’s useful to have something in front of you to keep encouraging you.
  10. Treasure/Scavenger Hunt: If it’s for someone super duper special, maybe you want to incorporate all of the above ideas into a game! Let your loved ones find bits and pieces around the city, home and the rest. This can be an epic advent calendar put into one day on Christmas!

Are you done with all the shopping? Found anything interesting here?

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2 comments on “Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

  1. I’ve not even started my christmas shopping yet, I think a lot of it will be done online though as I’m snowed under with uni work! This will come in super handy for those people I know I’m going to struggle with! Great post, and it’s a nice change from most of the guides I’ve read recently!


    • Aww I remember when I had to do Christmas shopping during Uni! Sometimes I did all the research online and set aside a chunk of time and went to the stores to (quickly – I try) get them! Thank you for that! I really appreciate it! All the best with your Uni work too!! x


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