From: Middleport Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent, England

Stoke wouldn’t have been on my radar if my friend wasn’t studying there and that was what made me visit. She was very sure of bringing me to this beautiful Middleport Pottery where they are known for world-famous Burleigh. I love visiting museums especially for what the city or location is known for. I must say that the pottery was tucked away behind and we had to find our way there but it was all worth it. There’s a nice little stream sorta thing along the place that you have a little walk.

We went to the cafe first because we were super hungry. We were also the first two there and had wonderful toastie and soup! The cheese toastie was so amazing. I devoured it before I could take a proper picture, sadly. It was the cheesiest cheesy toastie! The artwork on the walls is fantastic. A lovely quaint cafe. We then decided to check out their museum and its £2.50 for students – not guided, we did our own thing as I always do. It was amazing to see the growth, history of pottery – the sketches and stuff. It was all beautiful – makes you a little jealous of their talent.

We checked out their shop and even that was like a museum of its own. Those pots and plates were actually used in the cafe. The aesthetic of that place was really pretty! They were actually reasonable priced for the artistry and workmanship. I got a couple of things and they sit so beautifully.

This is a great place to check because it’s so serene and calm. If you get there at the right time, you can even try pottery hands-on.You can just relax and learn things.

What kinda museum do you like going to?

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