50 Things that Make Me Happy

This is my first time taking part in Blogmas and it’s also the lead-up to 2017, I wanted to write a post about the 50 things that make me happy. This can be a list to remind me when I need something to boost my mood or it could be one for you to reflect on your own little things – maybe we share some bits. And of course, they are in no particular order but just things that come to mind immediately.

  1. My beautiful family.
  2. My loves nephew and nieces.
  3. My amazing loved ones.
  4. Inside jokes.
  5. Home-cooked meals.
  6. Walks.
  7. Yoga.
  8. Planners.
  9. Books.
  10. Cats.
  11. Dogs.
  12. Cosy weather.
  13. Autumn.
  14. Coats.
  15. Fresh coconuts.
  16. Fresh mangoes.
  17. Snapchat.
  18. Blogging.
  19. Writing.
  20. Travelling.
  21. Photography.
  22. Photographs.
  23. Creating videos.
  24. The Cranberries.
  25. Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  26. Backstreet Boys.
  27. Michael Jackson.
  28. Coldplay.
  29. Munich.
  30. Greece.
  31. Los Angeles.
  32. Newcastle upon Tyne.
  33. Singapore.
  34. India.
  35. Breakfasts.
  36. Fasting.
  37. Praying.
  38. Early mornings.
  39. Lip colours.
  40. Long showers.
  41. Slip-on shoes.
  42. Hugs.
  43. Board games.
  44. New languages.
  45. Documentaries.
  46. Restful sleep.
  47. Baking.
  48. Trying.
  49. Learning.
  50. Reflection.

Making this list has actually made me very happy along the process. All the memories and thoughts behind each are just wonderful. I didn’t expand for each point because this post would get ridiculously long but each word/phrase sorta encapsulates all of my emotions and flashbacks.

What makes you happy?

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