How to Get Out of a Rut?

I’ve got one post going up every day since 28 November and this is my 16th one. With blogmas, it’s definitely been a toughie. I was writing every weekday before and I had the weekend to set aside and plan, think, organise my posts. My posts aren’t Christmas-related too. I can imagine it being difficult for those who write all-things Christmas during this period to be unique, offer a different perspective. So, it’s no shock if we get into a rut and lack the drive sometimes.

  1. Pause: Don’t be hard on yourself. Take it easy. I know it sounds easier said than done. But you have to give credit to yourself when you have produced content all those other times. It’s better to take a breather than crash.
  2. Past: I like to go through pictures that I’ve got to think about new blog posts ideas. I don’t want to copy or get lost in the sea of similar posts. There’s no fun if you’re just repeating content. There are definitely other posts on ‘finding inspiration’ but you put your own spin to it. I’m not referring back to similar posts for content.
  3.  Go Out: Sure, we go out and do our things. But how many times have you been aware of your surroundings? There are ideas all around you. Current fashion trends? Popular eating places? Thoughts on everyone being online 24/7? The conversations you have?
  4. Fun: What do you like to do for fun? Get your mind decluttered. This ties in with pausing but don’t stand still, do something enjoyable. Freeing up mind space will help you to get inspired by seeing things in a different light. You won’t feel stuck.
  5. It’s Okay: Sometimes people still post even when they don’t feel 100% with it. That’s fine. Sometimes you just really want to put it out there because you said that you will. Sometimes you don’t want to, that’s fine too. You see your growth either ways and it’s nice to reflect back on that.

How do you find inspiration?

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