Best Winter/Christmas Films

As you can see, I obviously adore Harry Potter and all of its glory! I completely had a wonderful time the Studio Tour in London! While I grew up in Singapore and spent most of my Christmas days here, like many others I’ve always associated Christmas with cosiness, snow and cold. So it was amazing when I got to spend 3 Christmases in that sorta weather (minus the snow, sadly). These are the movies that are my personal favourites to watch in December, not necessarily Christmas-y or maybe even winter-y but you know… These put you in a good mood for the holidays.

  1. All of Harry Potter – because of course. I love doing a marathon with this and you always find something new and reminisce over it.
  2. Mean Girls – classic movie. I know all the dialogues! It’s such a cult movie to discuss.
  3. Home Alone 1 – I mostly always like the first of movie series. This just makes me cry with laughter!
  4. Finding Nemo – just keep swimming, swimming. Dory is my favourite with all of the positivity. Another one with all the lines memorised! You feel so much for them!
  5. Happy Feet – it’s just a cute little movie to watch! Penguins!
  6. The Parent Trap – because what’s there not to like about them. It’s been awhile since I watched this. I’ve still got time left this December, definitely happening.
  7. She’s the Man – I love Shakespeare and I studied this text for my GCSE O Literature. They did a pretty decent job with it but it’s nice to see the funny chaos.
  8. Grease – the songs! I sing along and dance (and I can’t do either of those things). I don’t need to talk much about this. It’s a movie that you should watch and have fun.
  9. Bring It On 1 – I really enjoy watching Cheerleading and I’m not sure why. I was never part of a team and I don’t think I would have even made it. Maybe I’m just living through the movie.
  10. The Grand Budapest Hotel – it’s such a good movie! The storyline, the way it was done and directed, the acting and just so beautifully crafted.

What are your Christmas/Winter Movies?

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