Christmas Gift Guide for Bloggers

I wrote about Alternative Christmas Gift Guide a few days back and I thought bloggers should get special attention on this category. Well, you could ask for these or get them for yourself because why not! Blogging is definitely not easy. I remember blogging a few years back and it wasn’t as a field as it is right now. So you need to level up your game (or not, it’s up to you)!

  1. Purchase Domain Name: It’s partly because I bought my domain name that I’m putting a lot more love and care into this blog. When you invest in something, you want to get your money’s worth. It’s a yearly subscription and you form a close connection to it.
  2. Customised Template: I’m still using a free template from WordPress. I’m searching for a good one and I don’t want to rush into things. This template does a decent job. Maybe you want to purchase a gift card for it (if possible or DIY it and pass them the cash).
  3. Lens: Maybe a group of friends can get together and purchase a good lens for your blogger friend. This can be a difficult one because you need to know which lens they want and what’s compatible with their camera. Definitely recommend asking them or even sneaking it up into conversations etc. Or maybe even the multiple lenses to attach to the iPhones – this would do the trick too for those Instagram posts.
  4. Props: We always need props for our photographs. This is pretty inexpensive. You can go for pretty notebooks, plates, dried flowers, fairy lights, textured cloths etc. You can make it all into a theme or mix-and-match. I’m pretty sure your blogger friends would appreciate it a lot.
  5. Hard drive: A mega one will be awesome! There’s a lot of backing up to do with computers and photographs. You can pretty much find a use for a hard drive with all this technology in place.

What do you think?

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