Christmas on a Budget

We’ve got seven days to Christmas and next Sunday will be it! Before we know it, it will be 2017. How terrifyingly exciting is that?! Maybe you’ve already spent all your cash on gifts (1, 2) but you still want to either jazz up your place or host a nice little gathering. This will especially apply to students who are not going back home for Christmas. I knew of friends who went all out with their decorations during my university time and those who kept it simple but still very festive. Both are fine routes to take but you gotta be a lot more careful when you’re on a budget.

  • Reuse, Recycle, Up It: Get some old bits and bobs from your family back home. Things that they don’t want anymore or old but you can still use them and those items will be new for your room/place. This can include baubles, fairy lights, trinkets, fairy lights, small sized fake Christmas tree. Upcycle those old items too!
  • DIY or Cheap: I know this is an obvious one but I want to just gently remind you. You could even paste things on the wall to make it like a Christmas tree, bunting with photographs cut out into letters! (Be careful not to damage the property) You could always head down to Primark, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and such for cheap ones. They can sometimes pleasantly surprise you with their products.
  • Potluck: If you’re hosting a meal at your place or even a gathering, make a plan with those who are coming about who is bringing what. Be fair, of course. Try to cook/bake it yourself instead or cook together! It will be such fun times – trust me. Try different interesting recipes – hint hint.
  • Just Work with It: I’ve had assignments due before Christmas and after Christmas too. With you being tight on cash, you may not even have time to do much. But take a break on Christmas, just be cosy with what you already have, watch some lovely Winter/Christmas films. Have your friends over, go down to the Student Lounge if possible or even be by yourself.
  • Go Out: Go over to that friend’s place which is practically Christmas land! Bask in that aura and enjoy yourself. Pretty sure your friend will be happy to have you over to enjoy their decorations in all its glory and you get to not do much at your place!

What are your budget tips?

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