Things I Love About Christmas

I do not officially celebrate Christmas in my household! But I have always done so with my friends and it’s always such a lovely time! And during this blogmas, I want to just reflect on those things. I prolly won’t be able to list them all out or in order because things will just keep popping up in my head.

  • Secret Santa: The surprise, the shock and the anticipation! You get to play ‘Santa’ for a bit. We usually have a small budget to this and finding a good gift is a fun challenge.
  • Gift Shopping/Giving: I love it. I’m the annoying person who never has a list or asks for stuff or tells someone what I want/need. But I absolutely love buying gifts. I love showering my loved ones with presents.
  • Meals: Just the togetherness of the meals is just what I really enjoy. The joy, laughter, passing the dishes around so great.
  • Decorations: I think it’s the all the lights, trees, baubles, reindeer props and more all around at this time. You just smile.
  • Baking: I love baking all year round. But things get a little extra festive with Christmas in this department. The biscuits, cupcakes, drinks. I actually made and had mince pies for the first time in my life this year. Thanks to Anna’s recipe!
  • Jumpers: I absolutely love the over-the-top Christmas Jumpers. I feel like Primark does it the best! Love getting them oversized because it makes them a lot cosier.
  • Vlogmas: I really really love YouTube. I accidentally found the world like 6-7 years around with CommunityChannel. I really enjoy all my favourite content creators anyways but their Christmas vlogs are pretty awesome.

What do you enjoy about Christmas?

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