Things to Do on Holiday

People are probably on holiday or planning their holidays for next year. I feel like there are certain things you just gotta when you are on holiday. Nothing illegal or wrong but just things you normally won’t do at home (maybe you can). You get to associate those memories with your travels and form special bonds with the country/city. Here are some of my own things that I do or have done… just for fun.

  • Get Lost: I mean just lose your way and figure things out as and when. Of course, make sure you remember certain landmarks, streets to get back safely. But you get to discover hidden gems because not everything can be found online. I’d suggest just walking or taking random buses/trains.
  • Eat Local by Locals: So don’t go for the touristy places to get their classic food. They are usually overly priced and might not be as good. Find the local cafes, a place that primarily sells that food and enjoy it to your heart’s content.
  • Over-the-Top Tourist: Don’t make the locals be annoyed with you. But don’t be embarrassed to be a tourist. If you want to take photos of the trees or the sky there, go for it. You’re excited, just be excited. You prolly won’t even see the people who stare again anyways. You want to actually try speaking their language? Go ahead. People usually appreciate that and help you.
  • Chill: I’m kind of the sort to fill all my waking time to do things when I’m away. I want to make full use of it. But I feel that it is nice to just relax. Holidays are meant for that. Take time for yourself, read a book, actually, flavour and taste your food.
  • Rural > Urban: Of course enjoy the modern, city centre and whatnots. But venture into the quiet areas or the residentials parts of the city and meet the locals there. People lead different lifestyles. So learn about that and see how one country/city can differ like that.

What’s your thing to do on holiday?

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