Sick Day Essentials

So I’ve fallen sick in the past few days… I really really really dislike it! I try my best to avoid it. It usually happens when someone in my household is sick and it just spreads. The body aches, weakness, lethargicness, lack of appetite and willpower to do anything productive are just all so annoying. Your body needs that to get out the toxins and restart your system but still.

  • Warm Water: Just drink lots of it. I don’t really fancy the taste of warm/boiled water but I do it for the sake of it. I usually lose the sense of taste along the way of my sickness anyways. The warmth of the cup keeps you cosy as well.
  • Loose Clothing: Basically anything that is oversized that you can just be slouchy (and gross) in. Maybe when it gets too much, change into another set of comfy clothing. Take a hot shower – maybe be extremely lazy in it, no need to do your whole routine.
  • Eat: For me, I usually don’t feel like eating but I have to. Someone always tells me that I should just eat anything – healthy or unhealthy – healthy is better. Maybe one meal can be something horrible and the other two something for your body to actually use. I like hot vegetable soups.
  • Tissues: Definitely get the highest number of ply ones! Your nose will thank you. It is so much softer on your skin and feels nicer when you blow your runny nose (and the phlegm).
  • Curl Up: I’m lucky now that I’m home; I’ve got my mum! So I’ve got her to just curl up with and be needy. It’s just the comforting feeling when you’re all snuggled up with your loved ones. It makes you feel less crappy.

I guess I’m glad that I’ve fallen sick now instead of on Christmas or New Year’s time. That would be terrible. I’ll hopefully fully recover or feel much better by then. I wish you all the wellness!

What do you think about my sick day essentials?

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