Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

So we’ve got the two gift guides, budget party tips and now we need some gift wrapping ideas for those presents that we will be giving too. You don’t want to reveal what you got for them immediately and the little suspense between the wrapping and the gift is pretty exhilaratingly nice. Sometimes for the oddly-shaped items, I like asking the store if they offer wrapping services otherwise I do it all. I also try my best to find wrapping paper that would suit the person but sometimes you just have to get a bulk one for all because it’s not cheap!

  • Brown Paper: Classic brown paper that makes everything look so classy and neat. You can decorate it with colourful markers, stickers or keep it simple with all sorts of ribbons.
  • Newspaper: Yes, newspaper. Your hands will get stained along the way while wrapping but the end result is pretty cool. You can do the trick of layered wrapping over and over again with newspaper to heighten the anticipation or increase the annoyance. Hah.
  • Fabric/Cloth: This is a good one when it comes to bottles or anything fragile to keep the items safe, or weird shaped stuff to just bag it. You can definitely upcycle what you have like scarves, table cloths – do a quick sew and done.
  • Interesting Prints: Like road maps, music sheets, chalkboard paper, customised word puzzle etc! These make things a lot more interesting and give the feel that you have spent a lot of time on it.
  • Boxes: These will definitely be a lot easier to wrap and such. Try to box whatever that you’re gifting. Decorate the box itself with paint splatters, crayons melted on it, dried flowers or with (extra) Christmas decorations such as baubles, trinkets.

How are you wrapping your gifts this holiday?

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