Handling Relatives During the Holidays

I hope you guys are all ready for Christmas tomorrow! It’s been a wonderful trip so far. You may have already met your relatives or going to meet them tomorrow. I’m not saying every relative of everyone’s is not easy to be with. But you may encounter difficult people during this festive period and later in life. Let’s not allow them to bring the vibe down.

  • Just smile: Let the difficult people talk all the negativity or annoying things that you do not care for. Just smile and not absorb what they are actually saying. Think about the amazing lead-up to Christmas and how you have come this far.
  • Be polite & firm: Are they spouting things that just make no sense? Correct them courteously. Put them in their place and show you’re not someone to mess with. You do not need to be aggressive then your parents won’t say you’re being rude.
  • Change the subject: If they keep asking you things that you don’t want to share or if it is something you’re not comfortable discussing, change it. Make it obvious if you have to. They should respect you as a person too!
  • Walk away: It can be that simple, yes, just excuse yourself and do your thing. It’s the holiday period and you’re allowed to just be happy and not worry about being politically correct.
  • Keep your mouth full: Just keep eating! You don’t need to reply them and you can just enjoy your food! I mean unless if they don’t mind you spitting food all over them and making things real messy.

Nobody wants to make a scene when it’s a happy festive period. But if it gets out of hand, I’m sure you will be able to handle it well. Sometimes you just gotta do it. Here’s to hoping it goes all smooth and cheerful, though!

Happy Christmas Eve!! x

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