Merry Christmas & Blogmas 2016

Wow! Here we are on 25 Dec 2016 – I actually completely Blogmas – all 25 posts! Yes, I did not post at 10am like I wanted to. It was sometimes at 5pm and very few times late evenings. But I managed to post every day! Yay me! During this time, especially on Bloglovin, I found new blogs and people found me! Definitely gained more followers during this period and I’m super thankful and happy about it. Thank you for reading and commenting! Yay all of us!

I faced a few difficulties like Internet issues, work and life and other times I was figuring out what’s the best time to post. I’m still a little confused but it’s a learning process. I did figure out more about what readers were enjoying on my blog too. I agree not all my posts were Christmas-y but I tried very hard!

But anyways. Besides doing analytics and reflecting back on Blogmas, I wish and hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and holiday! It’s been a great time together! I hope you are having a lovely time and yummy food, and just being happy. Just yay!

Blessed Christmas everyone! xx

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