From: Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

I took a day off on Boxing Day after blogging 25 days (& more) straight. But I think I might do two posts for one day before 2017 rolls around. I was actually thinking of returning back on 31st Dec but I couldn’t wait that long. It must be the nice feeling of blogging each day that I prolly missed.

On Christmas Day, my family and I had a day out despite knowing that places we were thinking of visiting were going to be majorly crowded. Those who celebrated were visiting families and staying home, but the rest of us were out and about because public holiday. We decided to give the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station a visit as that was the last day it was going to be opened to the public. It’s closing for the construction of a train station. This place was a pretty big part of Singapore’s history – connecting Singapore and Malaya back in the day. The architecture, shops, platforms were all so old-school and spacious. Places are so tight and land is so limited nowadays.

There were music gigs and little stalls set up for the visitors. My family had actually visited the station way before and when they sent me pictures – it was not as crazy as this time round. I missed it cause I was in Newcastle. Apparently, there were more than 30, 000 people on 25 Dec and you wouldn’t have been able to take nice photographs. It was also quite amusing to see everyone trying to find a spot as though no one is around.


We luckily got a nice little parking spot there and it wasn’t such a bad weather at the time. We didn’t get to enjoy the feel of the station as much, so we decided to make a move. Right then it started to pour like mental. People were still flocking the place but we were glad that we were done. This place is only going to reopen in 2025 and while there might be some parts still left behind, the feel will be completely different.


How did you spend your Christmas?

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