Leaving 2016

2017 is fast approaching and as humans normally do, we are trying to see the best way we can to start a new year and leave the bad things behind us. In general, the world has seen some of its worst terrifying moments of history. We are always told to change the little things about ourselves to help the greater good.

  • Clear Out: This can be clothes, items, belongings, apps, products and more. I used to be a slight hoarder myself and late this year, I decided it’s time for me to stop it. I tend to just do major changes quite rapidly and I understand many won’t be able to. Start slow – maybe tackle one category first.
  • Cut Out: If a relationship is negative and being toxic on you, leave them out. But try your hardest in helping them if they mean a lot to you. They may need your love and support, so do not run at the slightest chance. If you have bad habits, try to weed that out. You bite your nails? Apply nail polish. You always eat out? Eat out 5 days out of 7 and slowly decrease that number.
  • Bring Forward: Happiness, sweet memories and experiences that you felt with your loved ones. Reflect on those moments and keep them close to your heart. Until we figure out time travel, this is the best you’ve got and you better treasure those.
  • Aspire Big: Some people say dream small to achieve things easier, some say go big or go home to make sure you give all your energy to it. If you’ve not figured out which is you, try the one that you’ve yet to. You’ll likely be the person who surprises and shocks you the most.
  • Make It Count: We’ve only got a handful of days left, so do the best you can with them. Go check out your favourite museums, enjoy the theme park and whatever that your heart fancies. Enter 2017 with great big smiles.

How are you leaving 2016?

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