New Year Outfit Ideas

We are bringing in a new year and we gotta do it with a bang! It’s the idea of starting completely fresh when January 1st rolls around that make everything so achievable. You feel a lot more energised and motivated. So you want to dress that part and make yourself feel good.

  • Dresses: I’d recommend going for styles that are oversized, smock sorta dresses instead of the body fitting ones. You can go sparkly, sequined, bright coloured or even just simple and neat. You can dance around and not feel restricted. This can be short, long, mid-length – just whatever that you prefer.
  • Shoes: Platformed heels work best for me! I really can’t walk in heels and it’s mostly my fault cause I’ve not practised enough on them. I’ll almost always go for slip-on shoes or my trusty converse because I aim for comfort and then style later.
  • Striped/Cropped Tops w/ Culottes: I can’t wait to get my own pair of culottes. I haven’t found the kinds that I’m looking for. But this outfit gives off such a cool sophisticated vibe and feel. Again, very roomy and easy to move around in. I always love me some nice striped tees.
  • Dungarees: This is definitely a favourite of mine. I was worried when I got one as I wasn’t sure if I’d wear them as often but I definitely do. Dungarees finish off a nice laid-back look that you effortlessly put together. A little bit of a trouble when you wanna use the washroom but not too bad. Jumpsuits goes into this too!

What are you wearing on New Year?

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