A Guide to Setting Goals

I was always one for resolutions. But then for the last few years, I stopped because I was not sticking to them. But I decided to get back on it a year or so back, as it’s good to move forward to a new year with good intentions and wanting to achieve wonderful things in life. I say ‘goals/intentions’ instead of ‘resolutions’just because the feeling the latter gives do not really sit right with me.

  1. Create Categories: Personal Development, Health, Family/Friends etc. See what groups work best to suit your lifestyle and life. It always helps to generalise first to see what the overall picture looks like. This might be easier to start with too! You do not need too many categories, keep it simple.
  2. Next Sub-Categories: So under health, do you want to focus on eating or activities or workouts? Do you want to learn a new skill, attend courses for personal development? Focus on each category and spend time on it to really figure what you want out from it.
  3. Time: Maybe you want it all of this to be for overall 2017 or maybe you want to further divide into quarterly, every 6 months? Making it monthly might be quite a tough one unless you are ready to just dive in. They say that 30 days is how long it takes to make something into a habit.
  4. Word of the Year: I’ve seen quite a few videos on planning and many of those have set a ‘Word of the Year’ like  ‘purpose’, ‘zeal’ etc. This might be a useful tip where it’s just a one-word and it’s easier for you to just keep in mind, allowing you to always remember and work with it.
  5. Make It Stick: Many of us create our goals and have it on the front of the journal or file it somewhere and we slowly forget about it. Have it up on the wall right in front of you, if you work well like that. Or have little encouraging quotes and such on sprinkled across your journal, planner, calendar.

What do you think about my tips?

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