New Year’s Eve: Expectation vs Reality

Yay! It’s New Year’s Eve! Look at us finishing 2016 and making it out in pretty good shape. Well done, you and me. As with many festivities, we tend to have a few expectations because what we consume from the media but what about the realities of those moments? I thought it might be nice to share some of those with you. Also, this is my 31st post (second for today). Pretty proud of myself. That is also why I decided to go for a crazy image just for fun. Hah.

  • Party-Time-Non-Stop: It’s all about the parties and going out to socialise. You are going to meet all sorts of people, share all kinds of stories and let yourself free before the New Year.
  • Party-Time-for-a-Short-Time: One party and that’s it. You just really want to be home for the countdown in your comfy clothes and cosy home with little to no noise.


  • A Gorgeous Outfit with Complete Hair & Makeup: You want to look the best and you want to feel good. So you’re going to spend those extra few hours getting ready and enjoying the process.
  • A Good Outfit with Incomplete Hair & Semi Makeup: Is it really necessary to dress up so much? If this is for me, I’m going for the least effort everything. I’ll still feel good about myself and that’s what matters.


  • The Last Unhealthy-Habit-Anything: No more junk food, no more snacking, no more spending my time on unnecessary things! This is it! Today’s their last day.
  • The Maybe-Last Unhealthy-Habit-Anything: It’s no good to go cold turkey, right? I’m going to cut down on everything slowly and steadily. Surely, it’s the festive period and it’s only right.

Not being a downer, of course, but just for a little bit of relatability? But hey, whether you decide to really go all out for it or keep being you with just a few adjustments for the New Year, you enjoy yourself! You deserve it!

Happy New Year’s Eve! x

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