2016 Reflections, 2017 Goals

Blessed 2017, you guys! I wish you all the love, happiness, health for the new year and more! Let’s do good and be good. xx


Naturally, as many would, I’m here to think about how 2016 has been so far for me. It’s a good to think about how the past was to help with the present and future. There has been good and bad. I’d like to appreciate the good and learn from the bad. 2016 has definitely been one with lots of special moments with my family.

BA GRADUATION2016-reflections-2017-goals-2

It took a whole lot of ordeal to get there and attain my degree but we did it. I say ‘we’ because it includes my beautiful family. In all honesty, a big part of it goes to them and I thank God every day for them. It hurts that my father isn’t around to witness it but I know he is beyond proud as well. Being able to travel overseas, live alone and graduate with great marks is such an achievement for me. We went against all odds and defeated them.

2016-reflections-2017-goals-3FAMILY VACATION

We’ve taken vacations before and they’ve all been amazing. But this England trip was beyond awesome! We went sightseeing, ate out, took a gazillion photographs, even took a mini trip to Scotland. They attended my graduation ceremony. We shared so many heartwarming emotions. It would have been even better if my sister was able to join us too.


With living alone and taking care of myself, I definitely had a lot of time to understand myself. It is a process but now I’m a lot more mindful and aware of my words, actions, behaviour. I take the time to appreciate my loved ones (but I need to be way better) and spend time with them. I apologise and show my love openly. I’ve learned that it is important to do that because we never know how tomorrow is going to be like.

2017 GOALS

I’ve got more detailed goals down on my bullet journal but I decided to narrow/group them down to what’s below. I don’t think I had lived up to my 2016 expectations and by simplifying my 2017’s, they would be easier to remember and progress with.


Self-care doesn’t mean being selfish but just taking time for myself. A big one on many people’s lists is getting fit. I was doing well but I fell off the bandwagon with all the travels. I’ve got a few things that I want to get back on and the rest to establish to get comfortable with. I’ll go all out for my loved ones but when it comes to me, I hold back and think if it’s absolutely necessary. It is.

2016-reflections-2017-goals-4ACTIVITIES WITH LOVED ONES

It has become a thing where we just head out and eat whenever we want to spend time together. I want to do stuff, visit places and experience things together. I’ve definitely gotten better at pushing them to do things with me by being persistent but I want to do more.


I decided to switch up my blog template, title & credit fonts on my photographs. I’m also trying something new with the way my content is laid out. I want to get better with the way I write and my photography itself.

Good luck with your goals, guys! x

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