NASA – A Human Adventure Exhibition

This was a beautiful exhibition at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. They brought in actual items from the Space Stations and as most exhibitions do, there was lovely facts and information for the visitors. It’s already amazing to think about people visiting space constantly nowadays but to actually visit and see the products with my own eyes – surreal.


This exhibition tells you the space travel story. Historial artefacts, technology developments, intelligence and more. The layout itself was done very thoughtfully to let us fully experience the progress. There’s so much to space and the things NASA does behind-the-scenes that you get to explore. They somehow will inspire you and make you want to dream beyond the world (quite literally on this instance). They’ve got 5 galleries for you and one where you can experience the stimulation ride (excluded from ticket price). The experience is just completely wonderful.


For you to check out the whole exhibition and take photographs, read and enjoy will take about 1.5 to 2 hours. Tickets are at S$20 (Mon – Thurs) or S$25 (Fri – Sun) for adults and students can enjoy S$17 & S$21 respectively. You should totally sign up for the free MBS Membership Card where you can enjoy a 1-for-1 ticket at the ArtScience Museum (only valid for standard price tickets). Highly recommend to go early because we queued for about 45 mins to get our tickets but you can buy them online (the card discount isn’t applicable then). But there wasn’t much crowd at the exhibition itself when we went. It’s going on until mid-March 2017.


Are you into space?

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