Book Review: The Giver by Lois Lowry

5 out of 5


“Jonas’s world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community.”

When you first start reading The Giver, it seems like a normal society and everyone is happy with the way things are. As you keep reading, you notice peculiar things about their very strict rules and how the Elders control/layout the community – family units, time logs, possessions, experiences and more. Everyone is assigned a role/occupation at the age of twelve and this is what keeps the place in order. When our protagonist, Jonas, gets selected to become the next Receiver of Memories, that’s when things get interesting. All the little doubts you had while you were reading the first quarter, half of the book becomes cleared. The previous Receiver of Memories becomes The Giver and he gives truth to Jonas. What happens from here? What’s the deal with The Receiver? What’s truly happening in the society? What happens in the end?


I was half expecting it to be a difficult read in terms of language but it was completely the opposite and there were not many pages too. As you read, it makes you wonder about the society you live in, the government that runs your country and the overall status of the world. You start to wonder if it’s truly better as to how things are in the world or what if you change it. Each character in the book has a solid weight to them and they serve a purpose in the plot. Jonas’ growth is steady throughout the story. Towards the end of it, I got so worried for Jonas and had so many ideas on how it is all going to end. I suppose I got a little bit of it right.

The Giver won many notable awards and that comes as no surprise to me now. It may seem like a heavy read for January but I really enjoyed it. It is a lovely book and I highly recommend it! Only after I read the book, I found out that there is a movie too and I actually went to immediately watch it after I finish reading. I stopped after a couple of minutes – they already cut out a lot of essential character and plot developments. I’ve always been a big advocate of books > films adapted from books.

Have you read The Giver?

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