Fitness Motivation

Fitness is one of my goals for 2017. I’m not going to lie, it has been tough to get back on it. I used to be pretty sporty and then I just slowly lost the drive and passion. Like many (or maybe some), it is difficult to find the motivation after a couple of days into the new year. While I enjoy making goals for new years, I learned that it’s important to just go for it rather than wait for a fresh day, week, month etc.



Figuring out what you like best to get fit is essential. It is so great that there are all sorts of exercises that you can give a go and then pick one up to establish as a routine. This may be tiresome and annoying. But keep your goal in mind and push yourself.

  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Gym
  • Outdoor
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Sports

I actually tried running outdoors around my neighbourhood recently and while it was fun getting lost, I did not enjoy the crazy humid weather. It was difficult to carry my phone too – I could get the arm strap but… Plus I don’t enjoy when there are lots of people around. This means I’d have to wake up super early to come back home in time to miss the going-to-work people. I’m definitely a gym kinda person and I really like seeing statistics in front of my eyes (like on the treadmill).

Hiking very quickly became something I thoroughly enjoyed when I was in the colder countries. The scenery, nature, animals are all so lovely. Being able to see so much of a city at once was beautiful. All of my hikes were all nice and steady, I didn’t even realise how far I had gone until it was time to turn back.

Yoga is another favourite of mine. I used to fear that I won’t enjoy it cause I’m so inflexible. I decided to try it in Uni and I loved it so much! I started doing Yoga with Adriene at home and it was amazing. I kind of took a long hiatus but I’m back on it again! She’s doing 31 Days of Yoga at the moment and I highly recommend it. Just start today.


It can be painful when you’re just working out without anything to push you forward, push you to do just another set or lap. Little things will motivate you and make you feel good to begin your fitness routine and keep doing it.

  • Good pair of workout clothes
  • Comfortable pair of sports shoes
  • Favourite music
  • Interesting podcasts

fitness-motivation-3I need music that I can lipsync to and choreograph a whole dance in my head. I probably won’t be able to listen to podcasts when I’m trying to run an extra 5 mins. But with music, I just have to think, “I’ll run until this song finishes” and repeat it until I’m really done. I’d suggest trying to set up a nice playlist instead of trying to skip each song until you get to the ones you want.

When you look good, you feel good too. It is no wonder that fitness clothes are all colourful and fancy. It is for nobody else but for you. However, you do not need super expensive ones but a good pair of shoes are super important. Your feet carries you so much when you are working out and they deserve the best.


  • Quotes & sayings
  • Laying out your workout attire a day before
  • Join a community


I like visuals and maybe you do too. Have motivational sayings on your lock & home screens and every time you unlock your phone and you haven’t worked out for the day, you’d move it! With Instagram, it has become a lot easier to join a fitness community and help out each other. There’s also Pinterest to find routines. Start a fitness journey account and discover a lovely support group.

Good luck! x

How do you get motivated?

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6 comments on “Fitness Motivation

  1. I love hiking! There are some mountains about an hour away from where I live and I love hiking there but they’re a bit far away for a regular hike, but it is one of my favourite things to do because it’s just nice to get in nature and away from the city!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


  2. I love your “the rest” section. Reading motivation quotes and articles online really do trigger the brain and help with my overall motivation. Laying your work attire a day before might sound silly to some people but it really does help the next morning when you wake up early for work


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