My Bullet Journal 2016/2017

I love planners and organization. It definitely helps me with my productivity. In the past year, I learned about Bullet Journal and have since watched tons of videos, stalked Instagram posts and read many blogposts. It definitely looked like something I could get into and help me with my life. I wish I was as artistic as the community but it’s okay, it’s not about making the journal look pretty but making it super functional for yourself.


  • Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook A5 Hardcover Dotted
  • Staedtler 10 triplus fineliner (0.3mm)
  • Faber-Castell 4 PITT artist black pens
  • Stabilo 48pcs coloured pencils
  • Basic stationery – pencils, ruler, eraser



When you start to research and read more about the bullet journal system, you see that you can keep it as simple or as complexly compact. So while I came across all sorts of spreads for different types of lifestyle, I decided to just wiggle them down to what I need and want. This is what I got at the start of my journal:

  • Life – Level ’10’ – figuring out for yourself how far you are in your life out of 10. I’ve got 8 categories because that seemed right for me (Loved Ones, Personal Development, Spirituality, Finances, Health, University/Career, Enjoyment, Surrounding)
  • Ultimate Savings/Repayment (Tuition fees, accommodation, crisis, travel)
  • Read/Watch

I do not have an index/key because I was not going to use my journal for that. But I did not want to be using multiple notebooks for different reasons. Ultimately, I just want a planner and a (bullet) journal for the rest.

  • Monthly Habit Trackers (awake, pray, yoga, blog, hydrate, university/jobs, read, no spend, exercise, bedtime)
  • Monthly Expenses – I got this colour-coded as necessary, unnecessary, 50/50, fun to track my finances.
  • Fitness Challenges

These were something that I knew I needed. As I’ve said before, visuals are important for me. It was a good way to see how I was doing in my habits, money wise and health. These tied in with the ultimate collections too. It made me more aware of how I was doing personally and be more mindful of my behaviours and actions.



Because I did not start my bullet journal at the start of 2016, I did not pay much attention to certain bits and bobs. But for 2017, this was where I set my intentions and I continued my 2017 items in the same 2016 journal.

  • Overall Goals – tieing in with my Life categories
  • Quarterly Goals
  • Year in Pixels – you track your overall feelings (happy, angry, sad, elated, normal, negative) for each day, every day throughout the year and see how you fared in the emotional aspect at the end.

I love how my bullet journal came together! Because I use it every day, I always flip to my goals page and they keep getting drilled in my head.


  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Spreads
  • Monthly Memories, Gratitude
  • Food Log, Meal Plan
  • Monthly Doodles

I got myself a few lovely Hobonichi Techo items. That’s the planner I use for my yearly, monthly, weekly, daily tasks and such stuff – mainly my work and blog things. I don’t think I want to be drawing out each month every time or the overall year, week etc, flipping too many pages. I spend way too much as is with the drawing, centering my spreads etc.

How are you staying organized this year?

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4 comments on “My Bullet Journal 2016/2017

  1. I was reading about Bullet Journals a lot today, and I have made something similar and planning on posting about it! They’re so pleasing and look great!


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