Simple Hair Hacks

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with long hair. I absolutely enjoy being able to do many hairstyles with long hair but the whole maintenance of it get to me. I’m thinking of going for layers (after so many years) for the front bit and stuff soon. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten down and learned a few hair hacks to make things easier and save time. These hacks have definitely helped me manage my hair a lot better.


  • Part your hair into two parts (if you need) and start with the bottom half first to avoid easy breakage
  • It’s best to invest on a good comb – tangle teezer, wet brush



  • Comb out your hair first to avoid tugging when washing
  • When shampooing scalp, use the tips of your fingers instead of the fingernails
  • Lightly squeeze out your hair after shower and pat it out with the towel
  • Air-dry it to avoid applying too much heat and products and for more natural volume


  • Sleep in a simple (or any) braids/bun for quick simple waves for the next day
  • Do a fishtail or easy braid and then flat iron down, unbraid for beachy, messy waves
  • With a high ponytail, use a hair curler to curl the hair and then untie for quicker curls
  • Spray hair grip/bobby pin with hair spray for stronger hold on your hair when used
  • Pull braids apart to make them look fuller
  • Use ribbon hair ties to not get hair kinks or hurt your head when pulled back

What are some of your hacks?

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