How to Make Muesli Tasty?

I’m not exactly a big fan of oats alone – I much prefer to add them into my smoothies or have my oatmeal cool with a compote etc. So when I decided to give muesli a try, I knew I wasn’t going to thoroughly enjoy it because it’s primarily oats. For the first few times, I tried having it with just oatmilk like cereal and the taste was not that good.

But it is good for you – the nutritional value says so (depends on the brand you buy). I don’t recommend forcing yourself to eat it because there’s no enjoyment. You will stop eventually. Eating should be a lovely experience. So here are some ways to make your muesli tastier…

  • Soak it: I personally like oats with oatmilk. But you can go with water too. It will how-to-make-muesli-tasty-2thicken up nicely – best is overnight or for a couple of hours. It will be all cold!
  • Sweeten it: I liked mine with maple syrup. There’s honey, sugar, coconut sugar etc. Something of a liquid consistency would work better I assume.
  • Texturize it: Because it’s all thick by now, the sensation isn’t very nice when you’re eating it. So adding walnuts, pecans, dried figs will add texture and crunch.
  • Top it: Again, it will look quite boring. Maybe you want to garnish it with fresh fruits and granola to break the ice-coldness of that dish and add some colours.

All simple tips but will definitely take muesli to the next level.

Let me know how else would you make it better!

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