5 Ways to Get More Productive

We love a good productive day. We want to make full use of the day we’ve got and achieve as many things as possible. Of course, the quality is more important than just the quantity. Because we always want to challenge ourselves. But how do you get more productive?

CHANGE OF LOCATION5-ways-to-get-more-productive-3

I say this while sat in the library and have a good chunk of things to tick off from my list. At the moment I work from home and I don’t really have a designated dedicated workspace. I’m able to produce good work. But I want to do more. I’m going to try a cafe next time. A nice change of scenery and environment would help to boost your mental state. Try a few to see which works best for you!


I’ve heard that some people set a timer of 30 mins and just do work. Then set one for 5 mins after that for a break. This goes back and forth. I can see how this can be helpful to keep you focused and furthermore it’s not a big slot of time to fill. 5 mins of break seems like a nice amount of time to quickly recharge and get back on it. Of course, set aside more time for meals.

A5-ways-to-get-more-productive-2LLOCATE WORKING HOURS

I’ve worked in an office setting where its work from 8.30pm to 6pm. While my job required me to be on-call many times, I did my best to leave work at work at 6pm. Now that doesn’t seem to be the case. I kept having this thought that I’ve got the whole day to get things done and I kept procrastinating. Setting a slot for the day to just work/study is a good way to go. You are able to have a social life without guilt too.


This is an important one and it is about the ever-so-popular lists. You should be honest with yourself and really think about what needs to be done. What’s the point of listing every mundane activity down and feeling happy about crossing them out, but leaving all the crucial bits overflow to the next day? You’d feel so much more satisfied when you’re done with the essentials.


Read, read, read. How is this connected to productivity? The more you learn, the more ways you figure out about things. A good hack can help you save time, a few techniques can improve the quality of your work. If it doesn’t work that way for you, reading is always a good habit to have. It doesn’t have to be just self-help books, there are blogs, articles etc.

What do you think about these ways?

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