Korea Samyang Extremely Spicy Hot Fried Chicken Flavor Ramen Review

I’m a big, big fan of spicy food. I love (super) spicy food. I enjoy spiciness where it’s a good flavour rather than just out there to burn off your mouth. So when I came across the ‘Spicy Ramen Food Challenge’ on YouTube with crazy thumbnails and reactions of eating it, I had to get it and see it for myself. I know some YouTubers tend to exaggerate things. But I was super excited for it.


I initially thought it might be difficult to find this in Singapore. It was easily found in the supermarket near my place. I only found the chicken flavour though and I read that there’s a spicy cheese one. Strange but intriguing. It was priced at S$7.50 for a packet of 5! This is quite expensive for instant noodles. It did help that each individual serving was a huge portion.


Typical instant noodle packet with your big serving of noodle, chilli paste sachet and a chilli flakes sachet. The noodles were definitely thicker and the paste was already letting out the spiciness scent. The chilli flakes sachet also had sesame seeds and bits of seaweed in there. Unfortunately, I did not use that because I’m allergic to seaweed. I could have just ‘blown’ away the seaweed but I was too excited to eat the noodles!


Super simple instructions as you would assume with instant food. Boil the noodles in hot water for 5 mins (but I let it for a while more). However, they did say to keep 8 spoons of that water and drain out the rest. This is to mix the chilli paste with the noodles on a low flame. Once thoroughly mixed, add your chilli flakes after. I just estimated the 8 spoons of water and it was more than 8. I don’t like my noodles soupy, so I ended up draining a bit more water after the chilli paste was mixed in.


I was quite worried about the first mouthful. I prepared myself with a glass of milk and water. I went for it. It was so spicy already! I waited to see if the spiciness went away and if the flavour was any good. The spiciness didn’t but the flavour did settle in and it was delicious! I tried to not sip my milk or water as much as I could. I had to after 5 mouthfuls. It burns your mouth and tongue but it’s a nice sensation, you know what I mean? It got spicier towards the end cause a lot of the paste starting settling down in the bottom. I don’t think I tasted much of the ‘chicken flavour’ though – maybe it was part of the chilli flakes sachet.


I loved it! It’s definitely a lot for one person and I’d suggest splitting one serving for two. It’s not your typical instant noodles that you have when you’re super hungry and broke. But it is one when you want something so spicy just to enjoy it. I’m not even sure if I’m making sense. It could have been better with a fried egg? I’ll definitely try it with just the sesame seeds the next time.

I think all you spicy-lovers out there would enjoy it but if you’re on the fence about spiciness, probably not. You could definitely try it with just half of the chilli paste instead.

Have you tried this spicy ramen before?

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