4 Most Used Apps

I did a major clearout right before 2017 on my phone. I deleted so many unnecessary and unused applications. Rediscovered many too! I got into the kick of watching ‘How I Edit My Instagram Photos’ videos and downloaded a ton of photo-editing apps and then ‘My Fitness Routine’ gave me a lot of health apps, moved to ‘My Productive Routines’ and got a lot of reference apps etc. I still have a lot more but lesser than before.

1SE -1 second per day

I’ve had this for ages and I realised that I keep forgetting about it because it was tucked away in a folder. Then I had it out but I still didn’t remember to record videos. Now I’ve got it in the bottom row for easy access and to serve as a reminder. I’ve got a few days now and saw the preview of it – loving it!


I used to track my fitness, water and food intake using different apps. And once I got my Fitbit Charge 2, this does everything for me. It doesn’t have the best library of foods but a quick search online does it. Love it so much!

What’s App

This is my/our main mode of texting communication (it now has audio and video calls too). It’s not as popular in other parts of the world. If you’re not on it, you should definitely check it out. It’s awesome that What’s App now has the web/desktop version and I don’t have to keep checking my mobile now.


I got even more into it since my Best iPhone Apps post (I’m fully aware that 2 out of those 5 are repeated here but you know). I’ve since learned a few hacks/tricks to make it a little more fun. I might have a little go on Instagram stories? The style of fonts is pretty cool. But I’m still not very convinced yet.

Are you more Snapchat or Instagram stories?

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