Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

How did we get to February already? Valentine’s Day is a beautiful one but I feel that we should shower our love and care to people any chance we get. I’ve lost people and that has greatly affected me, and so it means a lot for me to appreciate people. A simple hug, kiss, thank-you and random gifts mean a lot rather than just celebrating your loved ones on one day and be done with it. But if you want to set aside one day (amongst the rest 364) to make it a grand deal, why not right! These are definitely for your parents, siblings, friends, partners too.


Food is the way to the heart – for everyone! I’m slowly getting into cooking. Unless you’re celebrating it at home, cooking might not be the best idea. You need the food to be at least fresh and warm. You can, of course, cook together and that’s always fun. But I love baking! These keep longer and can be eaten a few hours/days later. You can go to town with the decorations, flavour combinations, packaging. You’ve got cupcakes, rainbow cakes, peanut butter chocolate anything etc.


I’m a firm believer of investing in experiences rather than items. Memories stay with you forever. This could be as extravagant as a trip together or simple as karting, kite-flying. It’s the moments that you spend together that counts more than anything. Time is always precious and so valuable. So when you decide to spend that together, it’s so wonderful. You can make a picnic out of it, if its possible too. There’s also spa, massages etc.


I went straight from a day filled with everything to nothing. We are so well-connected and always so busy with things. Imagine a day where you have nothing to worry about. Do anything that you want to do. Washing can be done the next day, making the bed later, pile on the dishes etc. Sure the next day can be a little bit stressful. Maybe you can do all that for your partner. Spill that Valentine’s Day to the next. Disconnecting technologically is the most important. Get into the zen mode.

Don’t worry though. There are plenty of other posts I wrote about gifts and such – here, here, here. They can all be used for various occasions. I wrote a post To my Valentine last year – it is still very valid, if you want to have a read.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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