How to Be Happy Again?

Being happy is so important. I feel that it helps us keep sane, calm, energised and all the other positives that come along with it. But sometimes it’s not that easy to just ‘be happy’. It can take work and time. Happiness is a complex emotion (like every other one) and it’s the one that we always strive for – no matter what. We do everything that we do to be happy, to make others happy. Of course, we can’t always be happy – or maybe you can – and it’s natural to feel an array of emotions. It’s a fun to be a little more colourful. But how to go back to your favourite colour after that?


Let the creative juices out. This can be in any form – writing, drawing, colouring, baking, cooking, dancing, fixing, making. It is the act of movements that help. A lot of times when you’re stagnant that’s when you feel down or upset. Pick up new skills and give them a go. You feel pleased with yourself as you improve, learn and understand.


Sure, it may sound easier said than done. But this definitely helps me. I’ve also become a lot more aware of how I feel and what I’m doing nowadays. When I feel that I’m getting upset, angry or anything negative, I take it down a notch. I take deep breaths and reassess the situation. Or if it is kinda lost, I calm down and approach the people again. The people always matter more than ego.

how-to-be-happy-again-3LET IT OUT

Bottling up feelings is a complete no-no. I still tend to do this and it is really bad when I let it all out at once. Passive aggressiveness, sometimes, do you no good too. It is the part where you need to calmly collect your thoughts and air your displeasure that is painful. The shouting, crying seem easier. But being composed helps you to share your feelings and be more level-headed concurrently.

It is always the simplest things that we miss and look for more complicated ways to get around. I wrote a list about things that make me happy. I occasionally go back to it when I feel a little down and it perks me up. I’d highly recommend coming up with your own list too!

How do you be happy again?

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