Tackling Fears

We are only human. We will have fears and whatnots. That’s how we get better and enjoy life even more. Today, I wanted to share my pretty big fears and how I have been tackling them to my best. I think this might be my most personal post yet.


I feel that this is the main reason that I tend not to pursue a few things. Isn’t it better if I just don’t it and then I won’t fail at it? Wrong. It’s better to have tried than never have. When you are passionate about something, you will go all out. Sure there’s a chance of failure but there’s also the chance of success. It’s scary to get out of my comfort zone but when I do it brings some sort of excitement – and I love it! I surprise myself and it’s nice.


This may seem connected to the first point. But sometimes I don’t do things because I don’t know what awaits for me at that end. For example, going to a new place or trying different activities. Simple unknowns are quite worrisome for me. But it was when I decided to pursue my undergraduate studies that I went all out. I mostly jump into the deep ends, it may not work for you but maybe float first. It brought new adventures for me and I learned so much about myself. I said ‘yes’ more (while I’m balancing with saying ‘no’ too). The unknowns excite me. The future is a big unknown at the moment.


I wanted to wrap up this post with a light one but is blood okay for that? Probably not. I still don’t know what’s my blood type! I fainted at the sight of my mum getting her blood drawn. The doctor thought it was quite hilarious, I didn’t. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I really, really have to give my blood for something. When I cut myself by accident or anything, it gets me very lightheaded. I’m not fearful when I have my period but it makes me just a little lightheaded. I haven’t found a real way to tackle this though – I just look away.


Do we share similar fears? How do you tackle yours?

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