How to Be Alone?

Being alone can sometimes be associated with strange connotations – loner, weird, no friends etc. I feel that things are getting better nowadays about it and people aren’t so judge-y now. I’ve never been the girl who was into big groups. I like hanging out with a smaller circle of friends. It just makes sense to me. You get to chat with everyone and everyone is included. Big reunions are great once in awhile but for real conversations, the smaller ones work best. But sometimes you just want/need to be alone.


I love browsing and gathering a mental list of items to get when I’m out with friends and family. But when I really decide to get items, I do it alone. I like taking my time with my thoughts and deciding things on my own. It is just my opinion alone. I get to walk around and discover tiny stores, have a good session in the fitting rooms. It is much easier to get gifts for my loved ones to maintain the surprise too.


You mostly won’t have the chance to talk in there and this sorta makes you alone even if you went with people. You get to be productive, reading a book/magazine is a very individualistic thing to do too. Sometimes it’s the absolute silence is what you need to really tap into your mind’s want and the need for some alone-time. Untangle your head musings.


It has been a long time since I watched a movie alone in the theatre. That was a cool experience. I’ve travelled to cities alone and the independence made it really enjoyable. I do want to sign up for like proper classes. Not only will I be acquiring a skill but it’ll be something that I want to do without having the need to please the company I’ll be going with.

I feel that these and a few other little bits and pieces made me feel comfortable with myself and gave me a confidence boost. I’ve wrote about living alone and that’s something  everyone should do at some point. I know a lot of Westerners do it eventually but for the rest of us. Being able to be alone just means you deserve and are good enough to spend time for yourself.

What do you think?

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