5 (More) Travel Myths

Just the word ‘travel’ gives off this illusion of lovely discovery of hidden places and just the disconnection from your ‘world’ – an escape. A year ago I wrote 5 travel myths and I thought it is time for another 5 to be debunked.


This stigma has definitely decreased in recent times but still prevalent. I completely understand the dangers that entail with travelling alone and women facing more troubles. But to discourage a whole gender from travelling just doesn’t seem right. We could instead be taught about how to protect ourselves while enjoying the trip. Find out about your country’s embassy and contact details in the city you are going to, thorough research about the areas you’ll be visiting (shady places to avoid), fight with all your might, share your movements to your loved ones.



All those amazing Instagram posts you see of places are very likely edited to perfection. They may also have professionals taking those shots of/for them. Or they are given exclusive access with full freedom to places. Here we are with our smartphones or even DSLRs trying to make the best out of the epic scene with many others. Firstly, it is important for you to experience the moment you are in rather than just taking a gazillion shots. What do you want to remember – the beautiful sunset or you trying to get a snap of it?


It’s cliche but you have to make time! Anytime I feel the tendency that I could do something the next day, I stop myself and say how I’ve got >12 hours in a day! You’ve got vacation days if you’re working, you get term break if you’re studying. It’s all about the planning and saving. Keep a lookout for great deals. Once you officially start your holiday, you know it was all worth it.


I had fallen into this trap before. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea of reading a book by the hotel pool while away. I spent so much money getting here! It is still a little difficult for me but I think I get it. Travels are usually the time for you to just relax and enjoy. Let time pass you by and not worry about it. It’s meant to clear your headspace. So spread your time – you’ve got more than 12 hours in a day. It’ll still be super enjoyable.



I don’t understand why you’d have to change yourself just because you’re in a different country. Why do I have to become an extrovert all of a sudden or try crazy foods or scary stunts? Me travelling is personal to me and it shouldn’t be about proving myself to others. It’s about my experience and my moments. It may sound selfish but we all deserve to be selfish (at times).

What other myths have you heard?

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